Welcome to Enfance Design

      More than an online company, Enfance Design* is a fusion of creativity and love for children, a conversion point between different cultures and aesthetics, passion for design and handcrafting skills. Founded in 2018 by Bruna Keruzore and Pome Plouvier, a Brazilian-French and French expatriate that met in Connecticut, Enfance Design is an atelier that pursues customization of high-quality materials, hand sewing and crafting of each product. Its purpose is to bring elegance and charm to infants’ ambiances, like children bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, etc. Whether you are buying for your own child or offering as a wonderful gift, our company wants to add beauty and originality to the little ones’ lives. Design creation is a continuous activity, result of life celebrations like love, family and friendship. Enfance Design is  inspired by its unique clientele who makes this adventure enlightening, fun and fulfilling.


About Bruna

      Born and raised in Brazil, I started my career in the financial market, working for an American Bank in Sao Paulo. I met my husband, a French expatriate, in Brazil and our beautiful journey started. We traveled many places in the world because of our jobs and made a lot of friends. After having our two wonderful kids, I have decided to stay at home to raise them and dedicate myself to study psychology, art, design and become a watercolor artist as well. Our family moved to Connecticut because of my husband’s work and I was fortunate to meet Pome. We combined our friendship and passion for design in not only a pleasant partnership but the realization of a shared dream.  We love to travel, get inspired by different cultures and lifestyles, while preserving our heritages (Brazil and France) and never forgetting to celebrate our traditions and families.


About Pome

      I grew up in France with my three brothers in a family where design always held an important place, my father being an architect/interior designer and my mother a passionate couturiere in her spare time. I studied international business and started my career as a buyer in the fashion industry in Paris. After 10 years, my husband joined the headquarter of his company in the US and that’s how, along with our three young kids, we started our American life in Philadelphia. This was seven years ago and after Pennsylvania, we moved to Texas and are now in Connecticut. Living in those different states, meeting new people, visiting new places has been an incredible experience so far and our hearts now really are half French, half American. I met Bruna a couple years ago. As our friendship developed, so did our willingness to create something that mattered and resembled us. Sharing a common inspiration for creation and design, we’ve put our skills together to make this exciting project a reality.


*Enfance is the French word for Childhood