Frequently Asked Questions

Interior Design Services

What is ED interior design service?
We define our Interior Design Service as the art of understanding all client`s needs regarding Infants Spaces (Children bedrooms, Nurseries, Playrooms and etc.) and developing a Design Plan to be executed, that solves all design problems, comprehending the family`s needs and aesthetics. Our goal is to provide a Design Project that is meaningful to the family and to achieve a healthier and more pleasing environment, creating a sense of comfort and beauty for children.
How does an online interior designer work?

The Process of a complete e-Project follows:

After you receive your welcome package (approx. 5 days from the purchase) we get a full interaction with you and who you wanted to be part of this journey (Online or Physical Meetings) to get all types of information that is required for this client`s project, mainly understanding the family lifestyle, their present spaces and desires. We also ask for pictures, videos and dimensions of the room in question.

Based on that information, we will conceive a Graphic and Explained Project that can comprehend from light fixtures, wall and windows fixtures, decorative fixtures, to furniture and décor. We will explain how to achieve the desired room aesthetics and suggest action and shopping lists. This plan is flexible and adjustable in order to achieve the client max satisfaction.

The process is finalized with the delivery of the E-project (online or by mail) and solving all questions that the family might have on its implementation. We don`t provide Contracting Services or physical execution of the E-Project.

What if I have a simpler design need?
We have described a more extended Interior Design process, but we offer a range of packages comprehending different solutions for less complex needs like, advising on shopping lists, suggesting styling plans, solving specific design problem or proposing concepts and aesthetics that make sense for the family.
How long should I expect to have my project finalized?
Depending on the scope of your project and your availability, it can take from 3 weeks – up to 6 weeks.

Personalized Products

What does the creation of a personal collection mean?
It means that we can create pieces of art and décor inspired in your story and made especially for your room. It can range from a mobile of an especial theme you love to a whole collection of wall art, crib/bed décor, mobiles, garlands, banners, door signs etc. all coordinated with you theme, name embroidery and color palette.
Are all products customizable?
Yes. Since every piece is made to order we have the chance to make it specially for you.
Is the name embroidery an extra charge?
No, all products (from the online shop to personal collection) can have name embroidery for free.
How long should I expect until my product is shipped?
Depending on the quantity of products ordered it can vary from 1 - up to 3 weeks.