Welcome to Enfance Design

More than a Design Studio, Enfance Design* is a fusion of creativity and love for children, a conversion point between different cultures and aesthetics, passion for design and craftsmanship. Founded in 2018 by Bruna Keruzore, a Brazilian-French expatriate based in Connecticut, Enfance Design is an atelier that pursues customization of high-quality materials, hand sewing and crafting of each product. Its purpose is to bring elegance and charm to infants’ ambiances, like children bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, etc. Whether you are buying for your own child or offering as a wonderful gift, our studio wants to add beauty and originality to the little ones’ lives. Design creation is a continuous activity, result of life celebrations like love, family and community. Enfance Design is  inspired by its unique clientele who makes this adventure enlightening, fun and fulfilling.
 The heart of Enfance Design is making each product unique by name personalization, color scheme, and new ideas.  Flexibility is the key for design, and we would like to customize a piece just for you, we can mix frames, figurines and create something special that is not in the website.  More than a online store, we want to provide you a service, discuss with you and execute decor projects following your needs, considering your space, family history and your kids’ preferences.

The interaction is defined by your availability. We can meet in person, visit your place and discuss your ideas over a good cappuccino, or simply exchange conference calls, emails, and analyze your photos and inspirational boards. Sky is the limit and creation is what makes us love so much what we do!

*Enfance is the French word for Childhood

“From the first time I saw their products I was enchanted. Recently I gifted my newborn nephew with one of them and not only the nice handwork, but also all the care along the process and the efficiency with delivery left me blown away. My brother and sister in-law simply loved it. Enfance Design, thanks for everything!”
HP, Avon CT