More than an interior design studio, Enfance Design will magically transform your child’s room into a DREAM SPACE that makes even sleep deprivation meditative (or less of a drag or feel inviting). 


Let Enfance Design consulting and curation of unique pieces bring your unique vision to life.

“Enfance” means “childhood” in French, and there is no sweeter time.

Meet Your Personal Designer


I was born and raised in Brazil, and Brazilians know how to celebrate life, especially family and children. Pregnancy is a festive occasion! 

As soon as a pregnancy is announced, family and friends start giving small gifts, and suddenly all conversation centers on this new little person. 

Parents decide on the name of the baby as soon as they know the gender, from then on, the baby is called by name and regarded as an individual.

Mothers-to-be dream of a theme they love – one that tells the family’s history and shows the heritage. Perhaps she chooses “Teddy Bear the aviator” for her husband who has always dreamed of being a pilot but now sells insurance. Or, maybe she selects “Secret Garden” because it’s her favorite book, or “Ballerina Swan” since she pictures a little girl wearing a pink tutu and her hair in a bun.

Every detail of each design and decorated room is customized – personalized to a theme that matches the family’s dreams, traditions, and hopes for the future right down to the color palette, bedding, and embroidery.

And then comes “La piece de Resistance,” or the “The Door Décor Piece” – this is a Brazilian tradition where every mother places a personalized décor piece on the hospital room door featuring her baby’s name. The hospital maternity aisle in Brazil is a joyful and festive place, a space welcoming family and friends to celebrate the new baby and mother.

I met my husband, a French expatriate, in Brazil while working for an American bank in Sao Paulo.

We traveled all over the world for our jobs, and we enjoyed learning about different cultures and aesthetics – which is at the heart of what I do.

When we had our two wonderful kids, motherhood hugely impacted my life. Maybe you knew better, but I did not expect the deep transformation that comes with the responsibility of bringing a life into the world.

I got confused by all the well-meaning advice from family and friends. I appreciated all of them yet wanted to find my own way as a mother. I endured Post- Partum Depression and went through a lot of therapy, decided to stay home with the kids, and dreamed about a new career as a watercolor artist which would fulfill me while I studied psychology and art design.

Becoming a mother was a turning point in my life, I couldn't go back to my previous lifestyle, all the hours in the office, business trips, empty goals. I (re) dimensioned time, values, and expectations. Wanting to experience in my professional life the same warmth and simplicity that I found in motherhood, I knew I needed to align this longing for beauty and art to my everyday life. That is when I began creating a few felt pieces for my kids. I noticed the great influence that it had in my soul and started planning a new career.

In 2016 our family moved to Connecticut.

Since then we have been so fortunate to live in a wonderful community. Here I was able to connect with nature and have encountered great people. After eight years of studying and experimenting, Enfance Design was born.

With Enfance Design, I wanted to mix all my aesthetic and cultural experiences, get the best of each one. My influences are from South America and Europe, mostly France, my second country. I love all the sounds, perfumes, and flavors of this country. The simple and “très chique” of France aesthetics and their “joie de vivre” enchants me and influences my work.

From Brazil I got the love for color and the joy and emotion that I try to express in every project. The American culture impacted me as well. I love the practicality that American moms possess, and the time and attention they dedicate to their children. They take their kids everywhere and act wonderfully calm in the face of a tantrum in public places. I have met so many strong and hardworking single moms here, and they really inspire me. I want to bring a flare of that, too, into my designs and consulting work.

Enfance Design is a present to myself, and my gift to you. I am ready to design a sacred space for you and your child, celebrating this love chapter in your life.

I dream of creating, curating, and advising you on a beautiful and soothing environment that will embrace your lifestyle and honor the stories of your life. I make the planning fun and joyful for the parents and the children, surrounding them with beauty and art that weaves in the family heritage to give children the sense of belonging and being loved. 

“Enfance” means “childhood” in French, and there is no sweeter time.