Top 5 2021 Trends for Nurseries and Kids Bedrooms


After a tough year survived, we are still facing in 2021 the challenges of a Pandemic Time. A global health crisis that keeps us contained in our residencies has already reshaped our relationship to work, to the outside world, and to each other. However, revision moments also present us unique opportunities, like the more sophisticated use of technology, a flexibility of time, a revived appreciation for the outdoors and life’s simple pleasures. The new normal shifted our minds and gave us the chance to a whole new way to regard our homes.

Today families seek serenity and coziness regarding their infants’ spaces. They want to bring the Nature`s balance and the joy of the adventure to their indoors, I would even say maybe savor the excitement of travelling and experimenting to the inside comfort. 

How are these influences changing the Nursery Aesthetics? 

This are the top 5 trends that are here to remind us that we can transform our little worlds, celebrating our individual stories, using elements that are meaningful to us, letting our children be surrounded by beauty in the safety of our homes. 

I. Nature`s Home

Spending more time in the inside, our longing and appreciation of nature became a focal point for design in general. In Nature we sense safety and balance, its wisdom comfort and assure us. The “earth” makes us feel grounded and stable, the sun brings warmth to our hearts, and even we can listen the gentle breeze whispering in our ears that everything is going to be all right.  

We translate Nature into design with its main themes, like all kinds of animals, woodland, forest, African savannah, sea and beach or even simply “earth”; colors like all grades of neutrals, greens, blues and brown; natural fabric and elements, like linen, cotton, wool and materials like wood, wicker and rattan. Lots of circles and rounded shapes that imitates the perfection of nature and brings balance to the ambiance. This trend inspired the use of house plants inside the nursery, décor with wildflowers and the best use of natural lighting. 

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II. Exploration and Discovery

Exploring and Discovering can be achieved with two main factors, the stimulation space (baby gymnasium) and safe objects and toys that promote health challenges. Bringing elements of fun of the outside world to their own space can be energizing and encourage curiosity. This Nurseries allow freedom of movement, filled with objects to explore, different textures, providing a variety of experiences. 

Combining smart pieces like beechwood A-frames, slides, stimulating rugs and floor options, spaces for crawling in or climbing over, wooden toys that will help your little one to develop balance and coordination skills.

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III. Virtual Travel – Vacation Vibes

Think about all the dreamy travels that we desire as inspiration. Creating an inviting nursery environment with holiday spirits (carefree, relax and fun) can be very uplifting and cozy. We are talking a lot of wall art, fun wallpapers, joyful related bedding, and décor that gives a sense of adventure. 

From Paris to Russian dolls, world maps, airplanes, hot balloon voyages, words in your native tongue, décor inspired in your heritage, and the most charming details: specials pieces that you collected in previous trips.  

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IV. Vibrant Sky

This trend is definitely not recent and still so in vogue. We are talking about celestial elements that give us the sense of orientation, comfort and hope. Moons and stars are soothing and dreamy, bringing serenity and reminding us all the things to be grateful for. Related to more cold and muted colors, this starry night is very flexible and classic. Rainbows were the symbol of hope in 2020. Infusing the nursery with a welcoming burst of nature’s finest colors (vibrant or pastels) seems an intuitive option for 2021.

The sun signifies the start of a new day, warmth and promise of a fresh start. And just as all that glitters is not gold, not all sunshine must be yellow. Vibrant orange, ombre pastels, white out of tawny brown – as long as the sun is shining, the days will seem bright.

The key here is the resurgence of Vintage. A balanced composition of vintage and modern is very charmante. But vintage not necessary means old, no need to go antique hunting (unless is a passion) this aspect is being interpreted by many modern nursery furniture brands.

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V. Gender Neutral

Called the modern serenity, this trend is set usually choosing an element of design to make a statement. There is a variety of options to define your focal design, you can work with color pallets (muted colors, black/white, color blocking, the universalism of gray, or embrace all colors at once - rainbow) textures (wooden boards, exposed brick, wallpaper, natural fabrics, fur, wicker, rattan, etc), themes (countless but usually meaningful for the family) and lifestyle influences (minimalism, botanical, tribal and Boho chic). Flexible and phrasing a simpler aesthetics, the gender-neutral trend is playful (showcase shapes and letters, uses toys as décor) and take wall art and details seriously. Remember to have fun and get creative when decorating your gender-neutral nursery. Maybe it will be the inspiration for the rest of your home. 

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