Name Origin: What is your story ?


Did you research your child`s name before deciding on it ?

Do you have a story about it ?  I really really want to know ! 

Choosing the perfect baby name can feel all at once thrilling and intimidating. After all, the name you give your little one will be an everlasting part of your child’s identity that they’ll carry with them forever.

My daughter`s name has an interested story. I always loved this name : THAIS. With Greek origin, it is quite an ordinary name in Brazil, my country of origin. I did a quick search online and I found out that it meant  "Admirable". Sounded lovely and It was good enough for us.

 After a few weeks she was born, I joined a local park parent group, and one of the dads was a Ancient History Professor. One day in a chat he asked if I knew the origin of my daughter's name. I told him the shallow explanation that I had spotted on internet. He told a whole new story.

Thais was a Greek Goddess, that was knew as “The Afternoon Goddess”. She was the goddess that decided for every human being born on Earth if their life would follow a fate or if they would be free to choose their own path. I felt so touched about it, it was a beautiful myth and I fell even more in love with her name.

Astonishing detail: My 11 years old Thais is crazy about mythology, Greek, Roman, Scandinavian, you name it. It happened by itself, I just mentioned this story to her a few weeks ago. Now I love to know about names meanings/ origins and how it`s influence is profounder that we can imagine. 

On my second pregnancy I decided to research a little deeper my son`s name, my husband and I agreed that we liked “Thierry”, a fairly ordinary name in France (his country of origin). It was hard to find some proper research but I found out that it relates with “ People Ruler” “Governor of the people” and the History of France. Oh boy… My  7 years old Thierry …. Who knows him can tell. He is the most social, charming and captivating kid I have ever known. I have to hear in every PT conference how enchanting and irreverent he is, and the only thing that crosses to my mind is: "Nature is wise. He needs to be like this…. Otherwise Mrs. xxxx, you would be using a much angrier tone…."

Please share your story with us!



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