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When consulting with expectant moms, I am very often asked about what a nursery should contain. Despite of it seems a common-sense or intuitive idea, nowadays is not that evident anymore. We do live in an era where information and media content offers are much higher than demanded. Today we have too many options, what can be a wonderfully inspiring and enchanting but sometimes it can be truly overwhelming. Internet bombards us with so many information, innumerous pictures and offers, products options that we never dreamed before, that is easy to lose ourselves in all this hysteria. Does a baby need all that stuff? What about some well curated and more meaningful products?  My advice for those moms is, start with the most basic and minimalist plan; after that stablished/ acquired/ designed you can add some layers of decor and a not very essentials – THAT WE LOVE – until reaches your ideal or contentment. Here we go!

*You can adapt this suggestion for an individual space or a shared room.


The Nursery Essentials

FURNITURE per function

Sleeping / Changing Area:  Crib – Should reflects your style and purpose (if you will use it for just this baby or others to come)

  • Drawer – This will be a multifunctional item, great for you keep the baby essentials like clothes, cloth, diapers, baby wipes and on top of it is your changing space.
  • Calming / Bonding Zone: Armchair + Ottoman –For feeding your baby (bottle or breast) feeling comfortable is the most important thing, Feeding is a moment of exchange, when you are cozy and comfortable that transmitted to the baby. 
  • Side table: You need a support area for some important item as Cell Phone, Water bottle (If you breastfeeding you need to be well hydrated), anything you need.
  • Floor Lamp – believe me, when you have the baby in your arms, sometimes sleeping but sometimes crying, you will be very happy to use help from your feet.
  • Clutter Control – A Storage Space is very important, soon your little one will have a lots of toys and books and you need to have a practical way to store them, it can a book case, toy boxes, Bins/ Baskets, etc.



  • Wall Painting, Wallpaper, Fabric Panels or Wood Panel? What do you prefer? This is an important decision with a longer lasting accent. It depends on budget, preferences, current bedroom situation. I love a nice mix (of two textures max.) like wall painting and paper, fabric panels and wall painting, wooden board and wallpaper.
  • Curtains: This item materials, shapes, nursery theme etc will depend on how many windows you have and the amount of lighting in the room.
  • Rug: a nice neutral rug can bring warmth and coziness to the room.
  • Pillow: I nice pillow can be an allied when feeding or calming the baby on the armchair; And can be a nice piece of décor.


My favorite part off curse. I LOVE and advocate for you to choose a theme! It helps a lot on item selection, wall hanging and to have a cohesive interior design. If you don`t want to choose e theme maybe you can decide on a color scheme, or even both, but I strongly recommend you have a reference that pleases you.

  •  Mobile: A beautiful and elegant Mobile is an atemporal piece and very important piece to your baby`s stimulation. I recommend a delicate and traditional one (without any electronic sound/ music / lighting). Mobiles are great item to balance the nursery design, because it fills a mid-section (aerial space) that is usually not used in other type of rooms… and of course they LOVE IT!
  • Wall Art: That is your opportunity to give your personal touch, imprint your family identity, your lifestyle. I can think about numerous possibilities like one big statement frame, a few small frames composing variations of your theme, your baby`s name, etc Enfance Design can offer you a few personalized pieces that will reflect what you want for your nursery.
  • Garlands: I personally believe that garlands are very elegant and a nice touch to the crib. I usually style it on a crib lateral, in a more subtle way to expose a theme. For example, I styled a Nursery with the theme ~Swans in a Garden~, for the main piece we designed a wall art with swans, foliage, and pompons. For the garland we decided only foliage with delicate small flowers.
  • Delicate Details: It is basically a small figurine / or a embroidered piece of you main theme that can be styled in many different places like doors, closets, drawers, crib or doorknobs. It the small detail that make you smile.

If you would like to know more about it or have any question, please don`t hesitate to contact me, 


Bruna Keruzore

Enfance Design Owner


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