Do you know that one of inspirations for Enfance Design was a loving tradition in Brazil?

Hello everyone, we would like to tell you a little more about Enfance Design`s background. Our beloved brand is dedicated to bringing elegance, charm, and uniqueness to the children’s bedrooms. Born from a cultural and artistic merge and a very pleasant partnership, the company’s vision was originated from tradition and aesthetics with no boundaries for creativity. Our atelier designs and handcrafts beautiful personalized decors for children’s bedrooms and nurseries, all personalized with the baby/child’s name.


"This company was inspired by my experience in Brazil when I had my children and the doors of the hospital were decorated with Door Decor. It was a unique and special experience and we’d like to bring it here to the nurseries and homes of babies and young kids”. (Bruna)


It’s a tradition in Brazil for every mom to personalize the door of her hospital room with a unique piece of decoration including her baby’s name. Those ornaments are called “Door Decor”. Family and friends visit the hospital and celebrate with candy and champagne the new baby and mom. Lots of thought and care go into the decorations and well wishes.

The maternity aisle in Brazil is recognized as a joyful and festive ambiance, family and friends celebrate the new baby at the hospital, where the visiting hours are timed and regulated differently from the family home. Every mom has a special maternity kit prepared with some personalized decoration and the door piece. The room becomes very personal and cozy”. (Bruna)



“Since in the US the practice and tradition are a little different, we thought it would be great to bring the idea that every child should have a unique perspective on his/hers bedroom decoration.” (Pome)

This wonderful experience helped us create Enfance Design, by offering hand-made personalized nursery decor and design. What we love most is to discuss and create with the client a special decoration that represents what the family is envisioning for the baby or child. We love to know their story, favorite themes and aesthetics, and then design and hand craft pieces that are uniquely made from that story. Ideas born from a loving experience that communicates all the wishes and hopes we have for our little ones.

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